About Us

Life Changing Choices - Helping you to transform your routine for the better

I would like to introduce you to Life Changing Choices (LCC).

Scotland, the UK and many western countries are suffering a serious health epidemic caused by lifestyle choices resulting in obesity, poor cardio-vascular fitness and a multitude of related physical and mental health issues. This epidemic has a massive social and financial cost for government, corporates and individuals.

We all have a social responsibility to address these issues.

Over the last two years a group of passionate health professionals and investors have been supporting the development of a unique health related web site and app’, Life changing Choices, which helps deliver nutrition, fitness and health requirements on a daily basis by helping members follow a good routine.

The LCC app is a delivery system for the LCC website which is why it's unique.  The app collects information through notification reminders detailing the member’s daily eating habits, sleep pattern and activity levels.  This information is then fed back to the website real time and reports weekly, giving the user a complete lifestyle awareness tool.

We have partnered health and nutrition experts; dieticians, PHD nutritionists, olympic atheletes, world champions, certified personal trainers, sports scientists and rehabilitation specialists. We provide healthy meal choices and send ingredients to members as their weekly shopping list. Nick Nairn, the Michelin star chef, has prepared healthy meals, recipes and videos.

There are many apps and website’s within the market place offering advice on nutrition and exercise but what makes Life Changing Choices unique is the app is completely interactive with you.  The LCC app sends a series of notifications throughout the day requesting you to answer a variety of questions so that it can feedback this information to your personal members area, such as; what you have eaten, when you have eaten it, how many hours you have slept and how much you have exercised.  All this information makes up your weekly progress reports.