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We dont want you to just believe what we say. We want you to read and hear from the people who have followed our routine and have experienced how it helped them to achieve their goals.

Francis MacGowan

"Thanks to my new focus and routine I have dropped from a size 12/14 to size 8/10 and love buying new clothes. I would recommend Murray as he has encouraged me to change my life"

Frances MacGowan
51 Care Therapist

Mike McWilliam

"Having lost nearly 3 stone since my wake up call when I met Murray my friends, colleagues and family have been very complimentary about my weight loss and change in physique"

Mike McWilliam
60 Company Director

Siobhan Reilly

"I’m more prepared thanks to my daily routine so I’m not forced to make the bad choices that compromise my progress. After month 1 my shape has changed, clothes in my wardrobe are starting to fit again."

Siobhan Reilly
36 Dentist

James McAllister

"James is much more outgoing and much happier with himself. His weight loss (5 stone in 9 months) gave him the confidence to go on holiday with his friends. Thank you Murray for giving me a happy and confident son back..."

James McAllister
19 Student

Mo Ashraf

"My new routine was difficult to start off with, but it soon became easier to do the exercise and eat the right foods at the right times. It made me feel great and increased my confidence, overall I feel a lot healthier and fitter"

Mo Ashraf
52 Shop Owner

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Routine helps all our members

They all now lead a healthier life - 365 day support.

  • Routine Helped Graeme Hamilton - 41

    Plan his days and weeks ahead to spend more time with his family.

  • Routine Helped Mike McWilliam - 61

    Follow doctors orders, which stopped the onset of type 2 diabetes.

  • Routine Helped James McAllister - 20

    eat good food at regular intervals & exercise, he's lost 6 stones in 1 year.

  • Routine Helped Caroline Whyte - 40

    to fit in exercise on a daily basis despite having 4 children.

  • Routine Helped Frances MacGowan - 52

    prepare food for busy working days ahead, no more bad snacks

  • Routine Helped Louise Hay - 44

    to eat right and exercise after years of Yo-Yo dieting.

  • Routine Helped Heather Cochrane - 59

    to eat more, to help her build lean muscle and tone up.

  • Routine Helped Mike Pratt - 35

    train daily so he can complete in triathlons throughout the year.

  • Routine Helped Anne Prescott - 70

    keep mobile and able, so she can work in her garden, all day.

  • Routine Helped Malcolm Horner - 70

    to healthily lead a hectic professional and social life.

  • Routine Helped Mo Ashraf - 51

    eat small amounts throughout the day, Mo lost 3 stones in 3 months.

  • Routine Helped Tanya Flynn - 41

    stop snacking on junk food and start seeing great results from her efforts at the gym.