LCC founder Murray McDowell (right) is a certified personal trainer, ex professional footballer and former gym owner. LCC's concept of 'ROUTINE' is backed by many expert LCC partners at the very top of their profession.

Nick Nairn

Nick Nairn

Nick Nairn is one of the UK’s top chefs.

He was the youngest chef in Scotland to win a Michelin star and since 2000 he has been running his own successful cook school.

Over 60,000 people have learned to cook at the school at Lake of Menteith and the new facility in the heart of Aberdeen.

In addition to helping the nation to cook, Nick has been a passionate campaigner for healthier eating, working with the Government on a range of major initiatives.

Eilidh Child

Eilidh Child - Scottish Olympic Athlete

We are delighted to have Elidih as part of the LCC team.

With all the recent findings regards how bad our Nations health is, re-educating ourselves to the many benefits of eating well and being more active must become a high priority. Its time to listen to the professionals and learn from those who know best. Stop looking for quick fix solutions and start to eat right and exercise to improve your health. Life Changing Choices can help you.

"Everyone at LCC would like to wish Elidih success at the upcoming common wealth games and thank her for her support."

Jo Travers

Jo Travers

Jo Travers is a practising, evidence-based registered dietitian with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics. Her experience in the field includes time working in the NHS as well as private one-to-one nutritional practice from two separate clinics.

Jo specialises in weight management and nutrition. There are a number of articles written by Jo that can be found in our free ebook that is gifted to you when you sign up for for your free trial.

We are delighted to have Jo as part of the Life Changing Choices team. All committed to helping you reach your health related goals.

Mary-ann Cerruti

Mary-ann Cerruti

Mary-ann Cerruti is a fitness model, advanced personal trainer and sports nutritionist, specialising in health and weight management for women. Whilst studying and practising her profession around the world, Mary-ann modelled for many top labels professionally and has featured in many of the worlds top magazines.

In addition to personal training , Mary-ann showjumps, competing nationally on her horses to a high level. She is fiercely passionate about health and fitness and a highly valued member of the LCC team.

Mary aims to help educate all the female LCC members on how much exercise, rest and good food you need each week to get the much wanted 'fit lady look' - that flat stomach / see your abs look...

John Harris

John Harris

Jon Harris is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and physique consultant. Jon is a WNBF professional world champion and 4 times British bodybuilding champion. Jon specialises in building muscle and getting you motivated. There is no one better to advise on healthy diet, bodybuilding supplements and weight training in the gym without the use of drugs.

Jon and Murray are working together on a programme that will be available through LCC. He has also contributed important articles to the LCC ebook 'Eat Right and Exercise'.

Complete Phyzique

Sheli McCoy

Sheli Jane McCoy (MRes, BSc Hons SES) is a sports science and rehabilitation specialist. Sheli has a masters in research of physiology & sports science and specialises in Injury rehab therapy.

After years of studying that has taken Sheli to the top of her profession she recently launched her new business "Complete Phyzique". Sheli has published many papers and has provided important articles to help LCC members educate themselves in how to treat and recover from injury.

The articles are available in our free ebook Eat right and exercise...

Dr. Gary Mendoza

Dr. Gary Mendoza

Dr. Gary Mendoza's recent doctoral research into the treatment of male obesity helped him piece together his LEAN man system : Lifestyle, Education, Activity and Nutrition.

Dr. Mendoza is a registered nutritionist (RNutr) and lectures at two UK Universities. Gary has written a number of articles for our 'Eat Right and Exercise' ebook.

We are privileged to have Dr. Mendoza as a partner of Life Changing Choices.

Fitness Training Scotland

Fitness Training Scotland

Paul Garvie of Fitness Scotland is a qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer with BACR Cardiac and GP referral qualifications. Paul also has a 2:1 Honours Degree in Leisure Management.

Fitness Scotland deliver modern apprenticeships throughout Scotland in Sport, Recreation, Health and Fitness. They provide funded modern apprenticeships to 16-24 year olds, If you're looking to get into the health and fitness industry, let Fitness Scotland provide you with the tools to help others.

We look forward to working with Paul and his team, they have provided LCC with articles that can be found in our ebook 'Eat right and Exercise'...

Taste Communications

Taste Communications

Launched two years ago, Taste Communications has changed the way Scotland tells its food and drink story. Taste use smart, innovative and effective campaigns built on a network of relationships across the food and drink sector to spread the message that Scottish food and drink is the best in the world. Clients range from Michelin starred restaurants to major food producers and drinks companies.

Visit Taste Communications Website

Run 4 It

Run 4 It

Run 4 It are Scotland’s only chain of specialist running shops with outlets in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Dundee and Bridge of Allan.

Run 4 It aims to provide runners with a vast level of expertise in all areas of running. Keen runners themselves, they are always happy to offer help, advice and encouragement whether you are an accomplished runner or just starting running for the first time.

LCC are delighted to be associated with Run 4 It - members will receive exclusive offers and competition prizes throughout the year.

Visit Run 4 It Website

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Routine helps all our members

They all now lead a healthier life - 365 day support.

  • Routine Helped Graeme Hamilton - 41

    Plan his days and weeks ahead to spend more time with his family.

  • Routine Helped Mike McWilliam - 61

    Follow doctors orders, which stopped the onset of type 2 diabetes.

  • Routine Helped James McAllister - 20

    eat good food at regular intervals & exercise, he's lost 6 stones in 1 year.

  • Routine Helped Caroline Whyte - 40

    to fit in exercise on a daily basis despite having 4 children.

  • Routine Helped Frances MacGowan - 52

    prepare food for busy working days ahead, no more bad snacks

  • Routine Helped Louise Hay - 44

    to eat right and exercise after years of Yo-Yo dieting.

  • Routine Helped Heather Cochrane - 59

    to eat more, to help her build lean muscle and tone up.

  • Routine Helped Mike Pratt - 35

    train daily so he can complete in triathlons throughout the year.

  • Routine Helped Anne Prescott - 70

    keep mobile and able, so she can work in her garden, all day.

  • Routine Helped Malcolm Horner - 70

    to healthily lead a hectic professional and social life.

  • Routine Helped Mo Ashraf - 51

    eat small amounts throughout the day, Mo lost 3 stones in 3 months.

  • Routine Helped Tanya Flynn - 41

    stop snacking on junk food and start seeing great results from her efforts at the gym.