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Once you have signed up to begin your ‘new routine’ with Life Changing Choices, we will educate you by delivering important snippets of information each morning over the first 28 days of Routine. After you have read the topic delivered via email you can answer a question related to the topic on the LCC website or via your LCC app.

All our members who score over 80% of their questions correctly will be entered to a prize draw on the first of every month. Learn, Commit, Change and WIN a bag full of health and fitness goodies.

The topics have been carefully selected by our LCC team of health and fitness professionals, the topics include :

  • Portion control
  • Food groups
  • How to increase your metabolism
  • How to avoid yo-yo dieting
  • Food intolerances
  • The importance of regular exercise
  • Body type composition
  • Important health statistics and much more….

If you can commit to learning from our health and fitness professionals you will change the way you live your life and be in a much better frame of mind to continue your health and fitness journey. The most important topic is removing added sugar from yours and your families food, download this ebook written by LCC founder Murray McDowell and learn how to do so. Good luck and please keep in touch with us on Facebook.

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