Routine is what you need to fit in the things to make you feel good and look good as well as giving you that extra bit of quality time with those close to you.

Where do you start nowadays with so much conflicting information on the best foods and the most effective ways to exercise?

There’s lots of information readily available to you about exercise, an awful lot about nutrition but nothing that takes you by the hand and shows you how to best plan your day to fit it all in.

If you want to feel good and look good you need to have a routine that suits you - one that you can stick to. It's all about a specific ROUTINE that suits your day to day life.

You must prepare to succeed with any goal in life.

To succeed at anything, you must first be prepared to make the right choices. Thus enabling you to positively change how you live your life.

It's your health and happiness and it's most certainly your choice. With the guidance of the LCC App and website you can start to make your own Life Changing Choices.

The LCC website can set a routine for you to follow. A routine that can help you sleep well, eat right and also help you plan your perfect month to fit in things you like to do.

The LCC website will calculate how many hours sleep you need, when to get to bed and when to wake up. The App sets your alarm to get you out of bed in plenty of time to start the day relaxed and stress free.

The App then sends notification reminders through out the day to help you stick to your routine by eating the right foods at the right times – this information is stored on your LCC membership profile for you to view.

If you can stick to your routine you will notice a massive improvement in your wellbeing, increased energy levels and decreased stress levels.

The website and app will hold your hand and take you to a healthier, happier and fitter place one step at a time.

Life Changing Choices
Your Health and Happiness, Your Choice!