So why routine?

Health & Wellbeing Coach / Certified Personal Trainer Murray McDowell has developed the Life Changing Choices concept - bringing together exercise, nutrition and the missing ingredient that sees most of us fail, ROUTINE

This is the story behind the LCC website and app:

I needed a good routine but I know better than most how hard sticking to a good routine can be. So….. I developed something that would help me stick to a good routine.

I’m 35 and married with two young kids, yet I had no time for anyone I love or anything I like to do. I'd been so busy building my business I'd lost track of life itself. I would see my parents once a month if I was lucky and my friends less often.

I was constantly rushing around, my kids were in bed when I left for work and in bed when I got home. My wife and I were like ships that passed in the night, I missed them a lot.

My eating wasn't the best, I'd grab a bite to eat here and there. I would waste money on quick and easy food. I was so busy I had to give up my football (my release) and even though I owned a gym I never had time to use it - I was putting on weight, for the first time in my life and I didn't like it.

I had no routine, my working week was hectic and I didn't plan my weekends with the family. I never thought I'd need routine, but it became apparent that if I didn't have routine, it would be all work work work and no time for anything or anyone else.

What's important to me? (ask yourself what's important to you) :-

  • My wife and my kids.
  • My mum and my dad.
  • My brothers and my nephews.
  • My health and my happiness.
  • How I feel and how I look.

What do I enjoy doing? (ask yourself what do you enjoy) :-

  • Playing with the kids.
  • Playing football,
  • Exercising.
  • Spending time with my friends.
  • Eating out with my wife.
  • Festivals and live bands.
  • Writing my e-books.

So….. I’ve been using the LCC App. I plan my days, my weeks and my months ahead to make sure I spend time with those I love and time to do the things I like to do. I practice what I preach, I look after myself and I prepare my food, meals and my shopping list for the week, I sleep well and I don’t rush about.

I have a good routine, I'm sticking to it and I feel great again. Most of all I have my life back, I enjoy my weekends and I get time to do what I like with those I love. Routine to me is my health and happiness & my choice. I hope a good routine works as well for you as it does for me...